AS-IT-IC project officially finished

AS-IT-IC project funded by Cooperation programme Interreg Slovenia-Austria 2014-2020 was officially finished on June 30th 2019.

AS-IT-IC project partners have successfully implemented all project goals, the main ones being:

Contact us for further information if you want to include the conversation widget and bot on your website or are interested in any other way of utilizing advanced ICT-supported tools in the domain of tourism.

AS-IT-IC Workshop 2018 proceedings available

The AS-IT-IC project partners have contributed to the AS-IT-IC Workshop proceedings that describe various aspects of the AS-IT-IC project. Accepted papers describe the AS-IT-IC project state one year before the project conclusion. Austrian-Slovenian Intelligent Tourist-Information Center: Project Progress Report summarizes the project progress with respect to project and programme indicators, while other contributions focus on specific modules of the final project results. In Tourism Related ICT Tools: a Review different ICT solutions with the aim to help tourist and tourist information providers are presented. In AS-IT-IC Databases the data and data services made available through the AS-IT-IC Platform are described. In the Content API paper the system for retrieving and serving the data is presented. In e-Tourist2.0 authors write about the upgraded trip planning and recommendation solution. Finally, the smart security testing for security leaks for common attack scenarios is presented in Planning-based Security Testing for Chatbots paper.

The proceedings are available at the official Multiconference Information society 2018 webpage (full resolution) and below (smaller resolution).

Big thanks to everyone who contributed to the event and the creation of the proceedings. Especially we thank the Multiconference Information society organizers for hosting the AS-IT-IC Workshop.

Content creation guidelines

The AS-IT-IC project partners have published the Content creation guidelines - a guide that describes what data is needed in order to properly describe a tourist attraction or other tourist point-of-interest and how to include the description into the Content system.

Multilingual (English, German and Slovenian) document is available here.

Contact us for further information.

AS-IT-IC Workshop 2018

You are cordially invited to the AS-IT-IC Workshop, which will take place on Friday, October 12th 2018, at 9am in the Orange Room at Jožef Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, 2nd floor.

The AS-IT-IC Workshop is a forum for presenting the use cases and exchanging experience among academic and service industry partners on deploying intelligent information communication technology, in particular artificial intelligence, supported tools and services for enabling smarter tourism, as well as stimulating further adoption of such solutions through promotional activities and establishing direct collaboration between academia and industry. The workshop is an activity of the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovenia-Austria 2014-2020 project Austrian-Slovenian Intelligent Tourist-Information Center (AS-IT-IC project).

The workshop presentations will be in English. The presentations are as follows:

  1. Austrian-Slovenian Intelligent Tourist Information Center: Project Progress Report - Jožef Stefan Institute
  2. Livechat tools in tourism - Graz Tourismus
  3. Tourism Related ICT Tools: a Review - Jožef Stefan Institute
  4. AS-IT-IC Databases - Jožef Stefan Institute
  5. Content API - A Cloud-based Data Source for the AS-IT-IC Platform - Graz university of Technology
  6. e-Tourist 2.0: an Adaptation of the e-Tourist for the AS-IT-IC Project - Jožef Stefan Institute
  7. Planning-based Security Testing for Chatbots - Graz university of Technology
  8. AS-IT-IC panel - AS-IT-IC project partners

AS-IT-IC Workshop 2018 - Call to action

You are cordially invited to join the AS-IT-IC Workshop to present, hear about and discuss innovative ICT solutions for tourism.

Organization of the AS-IT-IC Workshop, where current project prototypes will be presented together with innovative ICT solutions for the tourist and tourist workers, developed by third party organizations. The second goal is networking of providers and consumers of intelligent tourism-oriented ICT solutions.

Location and time
  • Jožef Stefan Institute, Jamova cesta 39, 1000 Ljubljana
  • Friday, October 12th, 2018

The AS-IT-IC Workshop will be free for all the participants.

Call for help

Please share the news with relevant parties that you think would be interested in participating either as presenters or participants.

We thank you in advance!

Additional information

Joint secretariat site-visit success

The lead project partner Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) hosted a "site-visit", where representatives from:

reviewed the AS-IT-IC project progress.

Additionally, representatives from project partner organizations;

  • Graz University of Technology - Institute of Software Technology,
  • Institute for Tourism, Sport, Youth and Social Programs SPOTUR Slovenj Gradec, and
  • Association of Municipalities of Slovenia

also joined the site-visit workshop.

Project partners presented the work that has been done within the project and demonstrated the currently working prototypes. Both project partners and representatives from the Joint Secretariat and the Managing Authority agreed that the project is progressing nicely, some activities started even before the scheduled plan and with lower budget consumption than planned.

The event concluded with an informal conversation over lunch.

AS-IT-IC Workshop at the IS2017 Multi-conference

AS-IT-IC project partners organized AS-IT-IC Workshop within the Information Society 2017 Multi-conference.

IS2017 was held from 9 October to 13 October 2017 at Jožef Stefan Institute, Jamova cesta 39, 1000 Ljubljana and provided an international forum for scientists, academicians and professionals to present their latest research findings in the various fields of information society. AS-IT-IC Workshop took place October 9th in the Great Lecture Hall at Jožef Stefan Institute (schedule).

Most of the project partners gave at least one presentation on the topic of intelligent systems and artificial intelligence in the field of tourism:

  1. Intelligent Services for Municipalities, presented by Greg Evseev (Jožef Stefan Institute)
  2. Open Questions Of Technology Usage in the Field of Tourism, presented by Oliver August Tazl (Institute for Software Technologies, Technical University Graz)
  3. Tourist Information Center Slovenj Gradec as a Part of the AS-IT-IC Interreg Project, presented by Marija Lah (SPOTUR Slovenj Gradec)
  4. The upgrade of e-Tourist system and integration with the AS-IT-IC Platform, presented by Blaž Mahnič (Jožef Stefan Institute)
  5. Virtual Assistants for the Austrian-Slovenian Intelligent Tourist-Information Center, presented by Jernej Zupančič (Jožef Stefan Institute)
  6. Testing of Artificial Intelligence Applications, presented by Bernhard Peischl (Institute for Software Technologies, Technical University Graz)

AS-IT-IC Workshop proceedings are also available (link).

AS-IT-IC project presentation in Nazarje

Lead partner Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) presented the AS-IT-IC project, project goals and currently working prototypes to representatives from municipalities, tourist service providers and regional development agencies of the Savinjsko-Šaleška region.


Artificial intelligence into every Slovenian municipality

Lead project partners Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) and project partner Združenje občin slovenije (ZOS) cooperated in the organization of the Artificial intelligence into every Slovenian municipality workshop, where several intelligent services developed at JSI were presented. Among them AS-IT-IC project was highlighted, where a set of services is being developed to enable smart tourism.

Several representatives from ministries, municipalities and associations attended the event. Additional information about services is available at