AS-IT-IC Center

AS-IT-IC Center is an online community established within the AS-IT-IC project in order to promote the use of innovative intelligent information-communication technologies supported tools to enable smarter tourism.

For your tourist information office we can provide:

  • Chat widget to be embedded on your website

  • Training on how to use the chat system
    • General chat usage
    • Customization of the chat widget
    • Chat commands
  • Training on how to use the database system
    • Managing the attractions
    • Inserting customized attraction catalog on your website
    • Inserting customized attraction map on your website
  • Implementation of additional functionalities
    • Do you want a specific feature? Contact us for details!

You can contact us through the Contact form or send us an E-Mail <>.

The AS-IT-IC Center tasks are the following:

  1. Take care for the operation of the AS-IT-IC project results.
  2. Cooperate with tourist organizations in order to promote the use of intelligent ICT tools for tourism.
  3. Encourage the development of a smart ICT supported cross-border tourism platform.
  4. Cooperate with local tourist information offices in order to provide information to potential tourists in automated way.
  5. Cooperate with tourist information providers and encourage their presence on the AS-IT-IC platform.
  6. Promote the AS-IT-IC project results.
  7. Publish news and use-cases related to intelligent ICT supported tools and services in the field tourism on a public website.
  8. Cooperate with third parties in order to secure additional resources for future development of AS-IT-IC project results (e.g. applying for projects).
  9. Develop new tourism-oriented ICT solutions - services that could extend the AS-IT-IC project results functionalities.
  10. Manage the virtual society of tourists, tourist information providers and tourist service providers.